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Who is

Full Stack Developer

Enthusiastically engaged in the creation of services in the fields of data mining and machine learning (process modeling, social network analysis, recommendation systems, chat bots, etc.)

I perform these services turnkey, working from the initial idea through its technical implementation, its supply and execution, as well as the promotion and monetization of the final product.

I fine-tune the architecture and infrastructure, creating fault-tolerant and scalable products.

I advise on issues of implementation, helping to validate the ideas, as well as controlling the entire process and, if necessary, connecting with additional developers.
More About Me

I’ve got no ready-made schemes for how to make your idea into a successful product. But I do have enough experience and open-mindedness to seek and find the path to a successful solution.

Examples of
  • - service to find the target audience

    Once again, I was engaged in social networks, particularly the analysis of the activity of people in social networks, the development of tags to highlight the target audience, and the automated collection and subsequent transferal of the target audience to the advertising office.

  • - Machine selection service

    I collect the data and develop models to assess the total costs of machine ownership

  • - User surveillance service

    The prototype service surveillance of particular users’ actions, including which posts they like, what they write in the comments, and with whom they have similar interests.

  • Kotobot - just a chatBot with chat system

    Developed as the prototype module for an intelligent personal assistant, this is a limited version available to the public.

The Working
Since each startup is an individual project for there are no ready-made schemes for success, for me as a developer it is important to be flexible and not to dwell on the formal implementation of 'system specifications'. I therefore split the development process into short steps, which are realized through the gradual improvement of a 'Minimum Viable Product':


Together we work on the idea, validate it and select the optimum implementation.



The development process is based on the short stages of development and improvement of 'Minimum Viable Product'.



Thanks to fast feedback we can intelligently adjust the development the process according to the requirements of the market and other changing external factors.



Brief development cycles allow instant feedback from customers and most importantly from users of the product.

Train of
Smart Productions

AKKA as the basis for the creation of scalable, fault-tolerant and productive solutions



Sometimes I participate in various events, without being a fan

  • Machine Learning

    Certificate from Stanford - with a grade average of 94.5%

  • Data Analysis Competition

    Kaggle - the most popular place for machine learning and data analysis competitions

  • Competitions on bots and AI based on a game

    Codingame An interesting educational-entertainment project

  • на 36м HACKDAY

    Участвовал в проекте PushSender - сервисе по отправке пуш уведомлений для сматфонов

    Сделали прототип сервиса, получили кучу фана от мероприятия, обратную связь от сообщества, футболочки и конфетки от ФРИИ

For more than a decade of working in web studios, I’ve participated in several hundred projects as a backend developer, then as a front-end developer, then as a marketer, then as head of the project, and for the last three years, I have used this expertise by focusing on the development of start-ups. I am ready to share this experience and help new startupers, as well as work on interesting Drafts on mutually beneficial terms. Don’t hesitate to ask questions or write. Everyone will be answered.

The work
you love

To create a startup, it’s critically important to find the right people and work with them directly. In them you will not simply find a person occupied with the project’s technical implementation, but someone able to birth a product from a virgin mind looking for better solutions, and someone for whom the final result is paramount. And all this at the price of an average developer (from 1000$ per week).


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